Analysis Of Vodou In Haitian Life And Culture

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The creation of different cultures and traditions, are established from a variety of countries and generations. Haitian culture is presented from the perspective of an old-fashioned woman in the story Caroline’s Wedding, which is developed in the book Krik? Krak! There are many reasons as to why the woman is considered odd to the people around her, however, this paper will argue why there is nothing wrong with the woman. After research, it is clear the motives behind the mother’s behavior is the introduction to a new culture, the feeling of grief, and engaging in Vodou. Caroline is getting married in The United States to a non-Haitian man, which can be viewed as an ordinary decision to most people. However, marrying someone of a different culture upsets her mother because it goes against her Haitian beliefs and standard …show more content…
The scholarly article “Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture” explains why Caroline’s mother may act the way she does. Referring back to grief, the process of healing and gaining a sense of wholeness is considered part of the religious system Haitians practice. This process is often referred to as “Vodou” and is a common subject to follow throughout the Caribbean locals. Haitians do not call their religion “Vodou” because they believe that term only categorizes in rituals and dancing. In Haiti, when someone shows they are suffering, the people around them tend to lose respect for that person. This may be the cause behind the mother hiding her grief by replacing it with engaging in superstitions. The question asked in the article is “Whether the Vodou spirits are truly distinct and separate from the person who serve them” (Michel 10). Readers may wonder if Vodou and Haitian spirits are controlling the mother or if the mother is voluntarily engaging in unusual activities to distract herself from accepting the changes happening around

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