Analysis Of Vladimir Nobokov 's ' Symbols And Signs ' Essay

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The story “Symbols and Signs” was artistically written by; Vladimir Nobokov. It is a sad and intricate story, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. “Everything’s a cipher and of everything he is the theme”. The short story is about a single day in the life of an emigrated Russian elderly couple, wanting to visit their son on his birthday. They now live somewhere in the United States, but their son resides in a mental institution, he has been there for approximately four years. The couple plan to visit their mentally ill son who suffers from referential mania as well as, self-grandiose delusions, and paranoia. The Husband and Wife, take extra precautions while carefully choosing his birthday gift. They don’t want to frighten him, as he is very sensitive. They decide on bringing the boy ten jam jars filled with different jellies. Prior to arriving at the sanitarium, they deal with a few irritating interruptions that are common to commuting in a large city. The train is broken down, the bus that they to take after that is running late, and it’s also raining. Upon arriving at the boy’s residence, the couple are denied visitation access by a nurse they do not like. Reason being, is earlier that day he had tried to end his life for the second time. The elderly parents take the gift, due to the fact that they don’t trust that the care givers will give him his gift. They make their way back home and travel back in silence. While their at home, the Wife reflects on…

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