Analysis Of Vladimir Johnson 's Speech Essay examples

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In 2012 just before the Olympics, Boris Johnson made a speech to the nation, congratulating them and the athletes on bringing Britain together. As Britain prepare to host the Olympics, Boris Johnson felt an inspirational but humorous speech will unite Britain and to help them succeed efficiently. This essay will show how spoken language can be a style that someone can adapt to, to ensure they are possessed in a unique way. Therefore it can be nourished in the way he delivers it: with power, seriousness and authority. This is to stand out from all the other politicians; this strategy will gain him more stability in his role. Although the country would have expected a grand speech, this would have them astonished them.

Personality is injected into the speech as a digression is used, whereby Boris Johnson humorously says; “my God there’s a lot of you” shows that Boris is overwhelmed however; it creates a sense of exuberance, creating a relaxed casual tone. This instantly makes the audience feel united and proud to be apart of Britain. Moreover, it connects Boris to the population because of the differentiation of their social difference. Purposely, Johnson tries to engage with the audience, to earn their trust and to prove his authority/status. Knowing the spirit of the achievements made, Johnson tries to maintain it without the influence of the overwhelming social ideology kicking in and diming the essence of the Olympic accomplishment-seen as it’s a celebration. He adds…

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