Essay on Analysis Of Van Gough 's Art

2008 Words Apr 25th, 2016 9 Pages
Artists, even if seen in a different light from other forms of celebrity, are still prominent figures in culture. Each of their histories creates their individual artistic personality. Van Gough’s art for instance is most likely seen through the framework of his sufferings. How does knowing that Van Gough killed himself change his works? This is truly a question that can only be answered in the mind of each individual viewer. The list of instances and examples of illicit artists is long and branches into many forms of art with varying opinions from viewers. Recently there has been an explosive proliferation of art associated with serial killers. John Wayne Gacy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history and noted for his clown costumes that he wore when murdering victims. Once in prison, Gacy, like Peltier, took up painting as a hobby and a means of making money. Today, his art is collected by people interested in his life. Countless people are not happy that his art is available and many are willing to buy it just so they can destroy it. Is there a moral imperative in place that prohibits displaying Gacy’s or other serial killers work? The art’s source material forces a narrative and an explanation. The existences of his paintings are a conundrum of sorts, especially when it comes to his victims’ families. The art work functions as a horrible reminder of a horrific man who did terrible things to their family members. Gacy is certainly not someone who should be…

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