Analysis Of Urban Outfitter

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Stepping past the tall rustic, wooden doors of Urban Outfitters, there seems to be a never-ending potpourri of quirky, vintage-style urban clothing and accessories, geometric and nature or youth- inspired décor, and home furniture for the modern-day retrophiliac. Simply put, it is a bohemian- hipster’s paradise: a store that satisfies the desires of a free, unique individual with an interest in sustainability and healthy living. This hipster culture has recently become, in a paradoxical sense, mainstream in the fashion world thanks to this image of a typical hipster Urban Outfitters employs throughout their stores’ spatial layout and décor. The store’s layout and décor are, at times, utilized in a manipulative manner, but are more generally …show more content…
This is where the Invariant Right theory- a theory regarding human shopping behavior that states a “shopper invariably and reflexively turns to the right” (Gladwell) - is also put into practice in order to achieve this specific goal. The window displays reflect both the personality of the store and its spatial layout. The left window display, which is the most easily seen display from the sidewalk, contains items such as geometric designed décor, a make-up stand, and hanging lights. The right window display contains a mannequin with a full outfit that reflects the clothing style and lifestyle of the targeted consumer. This contrast in the items being displayed correlates with the layout and atmosphere of the store. Although the items placed on the left window display weren’t perhaps the most profitable items to market, they were instrumental in creating this atmosphere of relaxation with a vintage and personalized vibe, since it reflects this image of one’s own room, particularly that of a younger person between the ages of 18 to 30. Thus, it is an inviting scene that encourages customers to enter the store and look around. Furthermore, the items that were presented on each display show what type of items will be found on either side of the store. The left side of the store contains mostly accessories while the right side of the store contains mainly clothing. Due to the fact that most people instinctively turn to the right, the items that sell the most are placed on the right- which, in this case, are clothing pieces. However, an interesting tactic used by Urban Outfitters is that they place big sale promotion posters on the left side

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