Analysis Of ' Unconscious ' By Francoise Meltzer Essay examples

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In her article “Unconscious” Francoise Meltzer defines the unconscious as “the idea that an individual has within him activities of which he is not aware” (147). In this article Meltzer visits conceptions of the unconscious from the views of many people, one of the being Freud. To Freud the unconscious is understood rhetorically through unintended lapses in memory, slips of the tongue, puns and dreams, analogies, metaphors, anecdotes. Freud breaks down the unconscious into three types: the descriptive, the dynamic, and the systematic. Using Freud’s three types of the unconscious, the id, ego and superego, and the Oedipus Complex Walt Disney Pictures movie Tangled will be analyzed. The first type of the unconscious, the descriptive unconscious defines conscious, preconscious and unconscious. The conscious is what is “present in our minds” (150). This is a conscious experience that you are aware of having or experiencing. For example having a conversation or watching a movie. The preconscious is what “is not present but retrievable in memory” (150). The preconscious is where memories are stored here. While an individual may not have it in their memory if needed they can find it from their preconscious. For example the date one was born or something that happened when you were an infant. The unconscious is something that is “latent and not retrievable in our memories” (150) and the example provided is the repression of a childhood fear. This is something that an individual is…

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