Essay on Analysis Of ' Two Sisters Of Persephone ' By Sylvia Plath

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The poem “Two Sisters of Persephone” by Sylvia Plath demonstrates several themes. Among these are time, nature, and duality. As time progresses, so do the emotions of the two sisters. The nature of the sisters’ surroundings can influence them, and human nature may play a role in their perception. The duality of the two sisters demonstrates their differences and how they compliment each other. The usage of literary devices also supports these themes. Imagery and euphemism compliment the theme of time, as the reader can visualize periods of time. Also, the fate of the sisters is explained by an understatement. The theme of nature is represented by imagery and symbolism. It is easy to take in the senses of nature when one is reading this poem. Also, symbolism helps show the differences of human nature of the two sisters. Finally, the usages of ambiguity and contrast are used in favor of duality. Hidden meanings explain why and how the sisters are different. Furthermore, the two sisters are contrasted throughout the entire poem. Sylvia Plath uses these devices and themes to activate thought-provoking situations for each reader.
Imagery helps to paint a picture of the theme of time in “Two Sisters of Persephone”. The lines “Daylong a duet of shade and light / Plays between these.” (Lines 3-4) show that the sisters are opposites and only become more apart as time passes. There is also the contrast in the sisters’ figures as time progresses. The lines “Rat-shrewd go her squint…

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