Essay on Analysis of two mothers in HDB playground

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2 mothers in A HDB Playground
-Arthur Yap

‘2 Mothers in A HDB Playground’ by Arthur Yap captures the Singaporean ethos while giving it a very global feel that satirizes the uniquely human vices namely, boastfulness and pomposity. The signs of affluence and climbing the social ladder is a modern phenomenon and plagues the century with an aftermath of restlessness and dissatisfaction. The controversial tone of the poem serves to dramatize a day to day setting while ridiculing the mad haste to make it big too soon. The two bragging voices are of women which adds to a desperate housewives kind of sentiment and at a particular level one can also consider the poem to be emphasizing negative values of false pride and egoism. The
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Arthur Yap has depicted these two women in quick repartee praises of the financial status of their husbands to the point of being offensive. Everything is tagged and priced and made a big hue and cry about that it almost seems a mockery of the nouveau riche aspirational nobility or the gentry, “we also got new furniture, brought from diethlam…so expensive nearly two thousand dollars, sure must be good.” The women-mothers more so appear content with stereotypical role expected from them and play it to perfection , not aspiring anything beyond what they are clichéd to be. Language

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