Analysis of Two Great Coaches Essay

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Analysis of Two Great Coaches Donna M. Rothenberger Grand Canyon University LDR 600 September 2, 2015

Mike Krzyzewski (aka Coach K) and Coach Bobby Knight (aka The General) are the most colorful basketball coaches in American collegiate history. Their similarities are striking. They have shared the same arenas as coach and player at West Point; they are coaching contemporaries; they are competitors, highest winning coaches, and lifelong friends. And, Coach K and Coach Knight have both achieved brilliant success during their college coaching careers. But that’s
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His technical skills were off-the-chart effective, having been developed and seasoned by The General himself, but his conceptual skills were also excellent, as seen by his ability to create and communicate a vision for the team and staff and influence them to follow. Coach Knight’s approach was different. Using the Katz model, we see that he was high on technical skills, training his team through drills and practice routines that were very demanding physically and mentally. Sometimes, if a player succumbed to the incredible physical, emotional or mental pressure, he was banned. Perhaps from practice; perhaps from a game or even from the program. Knight’s belief was, perfect technical skills, victory would be sure. He was also high on conceptual skills as seen by his ability as a story teller and picture painter. His stories were effective and his words, even though bleeped for prime time television, were colorful and direct in communicating what he expected. But on the human scale, The General struggled. He has been criticized for his lack of empathy and human care, leading some question his lack of concern about his players’ feelings or needs, earning him the sub title of a tyrant or dictator. In 2000, Mumford and his colleagues identified a leadership skills based model. This model has 5 components, and they are: Individual Attributes: Problem-solving skills, social judgment skills and knowledge

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