Analysis Of Two Boys Kissing By David Levithan Essay

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The novel I decided to read and analyze was “Two Boys Kissing” by David Levithan. Throughout the novel Levithan describes the day to day lives of seven different teenage boys and the struggles they face because they identify as gay. I will be examining the concepts of constructing gender, being transgender, and the correlation of compulsory heterosexuality and discrimination against LGBT people.
Gender is constructed at a very young age. An individual’s gender construction begins the second they come into this world. For example, when babies are born they are either given a blue or pink blanket and hat depending on their sex. This is one of the first interactions the individual will have with their gender. Parents are the biggest and most influential forces on construction of the gender of their children. For example, when parents are asked to describe their newborn they typically use gender stereotype adjectives. Young boys are described as tall, strong, and tough. While on the other hand, girls are described as petite, pretty, and delicate ( CG 77). These early interactions begin to teach each sex their expected gender roles in society. Males are supposed to be strong and independent, while females are supposed to be nurturing and taken care of. These early social influences act as the base of one’s gender identity.
Gender is not only constructed by outside influences it is also constructed by our own performance of it. Body posture, language use, and our conscious and…

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