Analysis Of ' Turning Stones ' Essay

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1) During his time at the Emergency Child Service, Marc Parent had to witness the horror of child abuse that would haunt him for years. The things he saw and experienced over the years took their toll on him and in return, causing him to doubt his own motives and abilities. It was also due to these experiences that had shaped how he named the title of his book. The phase ‘’Turning Stones’’ can have different interpretation according to the author. This phrase first mentioned in chapter eight, where Marc Parent was recalling the fieldtrip that he had with his classmates. During the fieldtrip, sister Clara repeatedly stopped and turning stones with the sole purpose of making the place different as she has been there. The thing that we could take away from this is that during his time at the ECS, Marc already witness all the horrible things that he could in New York and that he wished to change the child service system in a way that he wouldn’t have to witness these experiences again. As for the second interpretation of this phrase, it was briefly mentioned in the Afterword chapter. It was by the end of his time at ECS that Marc Parent realized the idea of turning one stone at a time. Instead of worrying about saving all the children at the same time, maybe he should have live the moment and use that moment to do right by each child there.

2) While Marc Parent deal with a lot horrible cases during his time at the Emergency Child Service, nothing came close with the case that…

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