Comparison Between Turmoil In A Blue And Beige Bedroom

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Turmoil in a Blue and Beige Bedroom
June: He-low?
Susan: Hey June!
June: Oh, it’s you Susan.
Susan: You sound disappointed to hear me.
June: No, I’m not disappointed, I thought you were somebody else, that’s all.
Susan: Who were you waiting for?
June: Never mind who else. Nobody else, I just didn’t expect you.
Susan: Do you think I was Roger?
June: No, not Roger.
Susan: Or Peter?
June: No, not Peter, either.
Susan: Or is it ---
June: Nobody, Susan!
Susan: Allen?
June: Of course not Allen, Susan, why would you ever think of Allen? Like gross, Susan! Did anyone say anything to you about me and Allen? Did they?
Susan: Well no…
June: You swear?
Susan: I swear. It’s not a big deal June, stop overreacting.

June: I am not overreacting, I just
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Susan: Are you sure she said couples?
June: She did say couples, Susan. How could you show up there all by yourself when everyone else will be paired off?
Susan: I’m pretty sure she didn’t ---
June: Susan, I heard her say couples.
Susan: Well, does it matter? I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one going stag to the party.
June: Well, I think that’s pretty gutsy of you, I really do.
Susan: Anyways, did you finish the geometry homework?
June: The geometry? No, I haven’t looked at it yet, why?
Susan: Well there are some trapezoid questions I don’t get. I know the basics of it, but these questions are hard.
June: Trapezoids? What’s a trapezoid, I thought that was an order of monks.
Susan: Haha, very funny. Weren’t you there for the lesson?
June: No, I must have been absent for that.
Susan: That’s alright, I will help you with it tomorrow.
June: You will?
Susan: Sure I will.
June: Oh, Susan, you’re a doll, you’ll really help me?
Susan: Of course I will June, you don’t want to be stuck on a question on the test about some stupid trapezoid.
June: Thanks, you’re the best friend I ever had.
Susan: I thought Phyllis is your best

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