Analysis Of Trump 's Presidential Election Essays

1013 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Trump’s victory, in the 2016 presidential election, represented one of the most unexpected political revolutions in American history where the voters went against both the Democratic and Republican Party establishments to elect an iconoclast and outsider, who was demonized as nothing more than an unhinged bigot by the left leaning media, to the most powerful office in the land. Moreover, Donald Trump was able to achieve this by tearing down Hillary Clinton’s democratic fire wall in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Throughout his campaign Donald Trump focused his message primarily on illegal immigration, globalization, and ineffective trade policies. He constantly assailed the Democratic and Republican leadership for their positions on these issues, and he provided a radical alternative hard line stance centered on economic protectionism, nativism, and American nationalism.
The media and political elites responded to this by creating a dominant frame that depicted him and his supporters as anti-immigrant, islamophobic, and xenophobic. Furthermore, the media tried to depict the Trump campaign as a white nationalist and supremacist movement rather than focusing on the actual substance of his policies. This was actuated by the media in defense of both Barack Obama’s legacy on the TPP and immigration as well as deflecting any criticism of Clinton’s stance on trade and her weak immigration plan. McConnell pointed out that “Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee…

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