Essay on Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' The Cold Blood '

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x November 15th, 1959, the day that would change the lives and instill fear into the citizens of those living in the small town Holcomb, Kansas. Truman Capote 's, In Cold Blood, paints the picture of the brutal murders of the Clutter family. Readers are taken on a suspenseful journey throughout the novel as they search for the answer to the question-- why? What could make a person commit such a crime, and then go on to continue their life with complete disregard to the event. The crisis, that is narrated in Truman Capote 's novel, develops the concept of nature versus nurture. Nature versus nurture is an ongoing debate concerning the inner apparatuses of individuals minds that in the opinions of many, will never be fully resolved. Are people born with preset, peculiar characteristics that will guide not only their thoughts, but their actions for the rest of their lives? Or are people regularly being shaped by events that occur around them? Many theories have been developed by scientist, psychologist, philosophers, and average people on this topic. However, their reasoning is induced by their own opinions and conjectures. In Capote 's novel, In Cold Blood, his idea of nature versus nurture is represented through his characters Richard “Dick” Hickok and Perry Edwards Smith. In one of the men, Perry, Capote shows, what some would say is sympathy. After learning more about Perry 's upbringing, Truman Capote begins to relate more to Perry and shows the other man,…

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