Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' The Cold Blood ' Essay

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In the book, In Cold Blood, Capote describes what is leading up to a crime and the crime itself. The author gives clear, concise background information about both killers and what they are like. There are several different arguments readers can make after reading this book. The major one I can see after reading the book and the article, “Truman Capote and the Legacy of In Cold Blood” is that Capote and Smith had a romantic relationship. There is homosexual content all throughout the book, even between Perry and Dick. Capote’s work was influenced from his romantic interest in Smith, he favored this individual, made excuses for him, and tried to gain empathy for him. First, I think the indication of homosexual content was seen when Dick started calling Perry, such as in this scene, “Whoa, honey, whoa” (Capote 13). Another example would be when Capote states, “Dick’s literalness, his pragmatic approach to every subject, was the primary reason Perry had been attracted to him, for it made Dick seem, compared to himself, so authentically tough, invulnerable” (Capote 15). This sentence suggests that there is something else going on between the two individuals. “I promise you honey, we’ll blast hair all over them walls” is an additional instance that there was more than friendship between the two (Capote 20). Perry declared to Dick that, “The eye doesn’t matter. But you have a wonderful smile” (Capote McDaniel 2
29). This incidence implies that Dick isn’t the only who…

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