Essay about Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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Truman Capote brings Dick and Perry front and center during “The Corner” chapter of In Cold Blood. Capote allows the reader to empathize with Dick and Perry in completely different ways. Each character shows how the arrest, interrogation, and sentencing affects them and the way they process life. These emotional attachments that Capote creates allows the reader to discover that not only are Dick and Perry not ruthless murders, they are actually humans with fears and regrets. The arrest that happens in Las Vegas comes as an utter shock to Dick and Perry. They were in the process of picking up the items, “two pairs of steeled-buckled boots” that could relate them to the murder, when cops figured out it was them (214). Cops told Dick that he was being questioned for a “parole violation” and the hot check spree that he went on (216). He immediately became calm and relaxed, happily chatting with the detectives. Dick Hickock only became concerned and “surpris[ed]” when the Detective Church knew the exact date; this meaning he knew more than just a parole violation. They reveled that they knew that he was part of the murders of Herbert and his family. The moment he realized he was being pinned for it, Dick did the only thing a man of his character can do. He accused Perry of “ [killing] them all” (230).
Perry Smith was clearly nervous in his interrogation. He had the same story as Dick; however Perry had forgot information that he should have remembered to match Dick’s story.…

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