Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood ' Essay example

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In the fall of 1959, the Clutter family from Holcomb, Kansas was brutally slaughtered with the two murderers, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, condemned to lives of indefinite pain and misery by the American society. In this nonfictional tale that encaptures the homicide of a down-to-earth, American family, Truman Capote goes beyond ordinary detailing to deliver this true account from perspectives that transcend ordinary thoughts of violence. Indeed, it was through his unique style of writing and masterful manipulation of language that led this historical account of “cold-blood” murders seem much more than a monstrous act. Elements such as the extensive examination of the novel’s characters, vivid choice of words and intricate handling of the ideas and plot are what define this novel and allow the readers to feel empathetic not just to the brutalized victims but the murderers as well. Through these aspects, Capote challenges various principles of violence and human nature with which our cynical society has learned to live by. Although it is quite obvious the wrongdoing committed by Dick and Perry, Capote calls to attention the histories of the two felons. The thorough examination of these characters provides the audience a story that goes beyond obvious fact and demonstrates a narrative with rather complex antagonists. As the novel progresses, the reasons as to why Dick and Perry were incarcerated and became criminals becomes increasingly apparent. Capote examines their…

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