Essay on Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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In Cold Blood is a story about two individuals, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, that are planning to rob the Clutter family. When they find, there is no money, the two men decide to murder the family. This story gives clear, concise background information on both Hickock and Smith and events that led up to the crime. Capote described what is leading up to the crime and the crime itself. There are several different arguments readers can make after reading this book. The major one I can see after reading the book and the article, “Truman Capote and the Legacy of In Cold Blood” is that Capote and Smith had a romantic relationship. There is homosexual content all throughout the book, even between Perry and Dick. There relatonship is what leads the audience to believe that Smith is a homosexual. The indication that Smith was a homosexual led to the speculation as to why Capote was more generous of Smith’s story. Capote’s work was influenced from his romantic interest in Smith, he favored this individual, made excuses for him, and tried to gain empathy for him. First, I think the indication of homosexual content was seen when Dick started calling Perry nicknames that individuals use for significant others, such as in this scene, “Whoa, honey, whoa” (Capote 13). The use of the word honey is inappropriate for Hickock to use for a male that is just a friend. Another example would be when Capote states, “Dick’s literalness, his pragmatic approach to every subject, was the primary…

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