Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood ' Essay

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Truman Capote applies very different forms of rhetoric in In Cold Blood, because of this, the characters and suspects of the Clutter family’s murders are portrayed in different ways. Dick Hickock and Perry Smith are the two main characters of the non-fiction novel. They both commit the crime of murder and travel with each other to various locations to avoid getting caught, along with earning money. Since Dick and Perry partook in the same crime, many people would argue that they both deserve the same punishment. Although, Capote makes people feel differently about these characters. He makes the readers feel as though Perry is not a bad guy, excluding his recent criminal actions and he even creates a feeling of sorrow for Perry. On the other hand, Capote makes the readers feel like Dick is an atrocious person and creates the readers to have a sense of hatred towards Dick. The novel gives the readers separate opinions about the two men. When Capote describes Perry, he goes into great detail to allow the reader understand him better. In the novel, Perry’s physical appearance is described and it tells about how he was in a severe motorcycle wreck that placed him in a State of Washington hospital for over six months and he spent another six months on crutches. The readers are also informed that the motorcycle wreck was the reason for his permanently dwarfish legs and still hurt him so he became an aspirin addict. This brings the reader to feel pity for Perry’s looks because…

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