Analysis Of True Love By Wislawa Szymborska

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The first paper that I wrote for my Love Poetry class was a close reading essay for a poem called “True Love” by Wislawa Szymborska. In this essay, I emphasized on Wislawa’s intentions and point of view about love. I explained what “True Love” means to her based on her poem.

True Love; Fictional or Real?

Wislawa Szymborska’s method of describing love attracts my attention. In one part of her poem “True Love,” she talks about the myth of true love, and in other parts, she actually questions it: “Is it normal, is it serious, is it practical?” (Szymborska 1-2). Although it seems that the speaker conveys that true love does not exist, and it is just a foolish myth that has no benefit but hurtful rewards (6-7), I would like to question the negative
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She lived at the time of World War, so she was mentally tired of war. Indeed, the environment could change the way that someone views life. “True Love” presents her feelings about love and its meanings. It starts with a series of questions and answers; the answers which are not really clear, and create more questions for the readers. As she questions the existence of true love, it makes the reader wonders what makes her so confused about the nature of love. Her tone conveys that she does not believe in true love, and her life condition was not helping her to solve this problem. The word “Painstakingly” (L.12) shows that the social structure in Poland was hard during that time. In some countries such as Kurdistan often due to traditional and cultural boundaries that prohibit relationship between couples out of marriage, girls get depressed and sad that they cannot be free or choose the right person s they …show more content…
She rather seems jealous when she says “Look at the happy couple, couldn’t at least try to hide it—listen to them laughing it’s an insult” (Line number). The sad tone conveys that she lacks true love, or that she is in a need of it because she changes her mind at the end of the poem. The poem contains a metaphor (L. 20), which says that true love is a plot behind people’s back. Once again, this shows that the speaker is depressed or scared that she might get hurt. The speaker also mentions another interesting point that she disapproves love and relationships because it doesn’t leave any time for religion and poetry (22-23). She fears that if true love happens, other important things such as poetry will be out of

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