Analysis Of Trifles In Thelma And Louise

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Trifles, with Thelma and Louise Research Paper
The early nineteen hundred was a time of change for women in America. Playwright Susan Glaspell shares her experience as a journalist in the one act play Trifles. During that time period women lived in a male-dominated society and had little or no say in society. The film Thelma and Louise capture different situations but with the same motives. The events that transpired influencing the ladies’ actions are displayed throughout the text and film. Women were desperate to find their true identity, and receive justice, while also fighting for gender equality.
Tension grew in the lives of married women; the text and film capture both sides of the relationship between married men and women. Thelma and
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The ongoing stereotype about women had finally reach the tipping point. Thelma and Mrs. Wright had finally cracked and gained the courage rise up against it. In Trifles Mrs. Wright’s would best be describe as the bird in the play, she had a sweet, pretty, timid and fluttery personality, who had been trapped in a Birdcage. The Birdcage could be used to describe her John. In order for her to break …show more content…
Mrs. Wright killed her spouse the same way her bird was killed. Killing her husband meant that the birdcage was finally open and she had finally regained freedom she had always wanted. In Thelma’s case, she did things differently to regain freedom from her husband. The actions she took were influenced by Louise; the time they had spent together made Thelma rethink about the relationship, and had come to realize that her husband had always been treating her like she was his daughter. As she was filled with a renewed sense of confidence. Examining Daryl’s behavior, it was obvious that he paid little to no attention to her and what she has to say. Thelma found the courage to stand up to her husband at 38:02 in a conversation they had. She spoke in a fearful tone, and was afraid of the consequences if he had found out. As the conversation went on, there was a shift in her tone, and says that he is not her father. Louise’s influence gave her the courage with her questioning the relationship between her and Daryl. After Thelma says how she truly felt, there was a change in Daryl’s attitude and was speechless and powerless. He did not expect his wife to ever speak up to him. Thelma hanging up the phone send a clear

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