Analysis Of Trey Mciver, The Owner And Operator Of Proav Jackson

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Trey Mciver is the owner and operator of ProAV Jackson. Mciver uses theCO as a launching spot for his business. Recently, Mciver has been working on an important project that will change the way automotive companies do safety. And it’s all made here in Jackson, Tennessee, at theCO.
Felicia: What do you do in a typical day?

Felicia: Could you explain kind of what you do in a typical day.
Trey: Basically we run a home theater and automation business. So in a typical day, I answer the phone about a million times with different walk through basically we 'll do different consultations. We 'll consult someone about their home theater system or you know nay thing like that and we 'll go ahead and do installs for them. and stuff like that.
So we do residential,commercial and pro-audio. We also get into industrial automation so I guess that adds the fourth one. We do a little bit of everything but this is more along the lines of commercial and industrial automation

Felicia: Could you explain the current project you all are working on?
Yeah uh the SOS system is a easy to use safety video player for commercial businesses. It’s safety video controller. Safety orientation system says it all. Basically you touch it, you play. It’s real simple. But ultimately it 's custom to the way that they want to see it. Their logo is the correct color. I mean that is a big deal. Their logo is in laid into the acrilic. What we do in the
Felicia: So talk…

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