Essay on Analysis Of Tony Kaye 's ' Mise En Scene '

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Another very important scene that Tony Kaye has used mise en scène is when Derek walks out of the shower and slowly places his right hand over his right breast with tattooed Swastika, and the flashback that he remembers during the scene. What we can see in this scene is the swastika and the shower water landing on his body. This scene has a very powerful meaning behind it because every single wicked deed that Derek has committed is related to the swastika. The swastika represents that he is a neo Nazi and hurt others because of his racist beliefs. While Derek is in the shower a close up shot is used on Derek’s body as the water in the shower hits his body, this symbolises that Derek is washing away his sin. A medium shot is used here when he puts his hands on his Swastika, it resembles that he wants to wash away his sins and sever the ties with the neo Nazi gang, he admits that he is ashamed of his actions and is seeking for forgiveness. During the scene we see constant cuts to his flashback and real time while he is in the shower. The director uses high key lighting in his flashback to represent that this is a more of a satisfying memory compared to the other ones. One thing to keep note of is that this flashback is the only one in colour, unlike the rest which are shown in black and white. The director wants us to think that this flashback is the only flashback that Derek is proud of and wishes the happiness of the past to come back. Compared to the past and present,…

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