Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Sula ' Essay

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The mentally ill are treated unfairly due to the negative stigma surrounding mental disorders. Mental illness is not just a problem in the real-world, it is also portrayed in many works of literature. For example, in the novel, Sula, by Toni Morrison there is a great focus on mental illness with Plum and Shadrack who both suffer with forms of PTSD from wartime. People suffering with mental disorders are less likely to seek help due to the negative stigma surrounding mental health. National Suicide Day is a day that Shadrack, war veteran, celebrates. Shadrack’s reasoning to create and celebrate this day is because he feels life as a whole is unexpected and surprising. With this analysis of life Shadrack feels that death should not be so unexpected since everyone’s life is already chaotic and surprising. “Nothing ever interfered with the celebration of National Suicide Day” (Morrison 7) because even though people in Medallion felt it was odd to celebrate they also felt Shadrack was insane and typically left him alone so he would not bother them or their kids. The real problem with National Suicide Day is that the people of Medallion either ignore or laugh off the event as Shadrack being Shadrack. The people of Medallion think that Shadrack is just an outcast and an oddball but the reality is he’s mentally ill due to fighting in the war and they as a community should more to help Shadrack. Since Shadrack is so used to being labelled as a crazy man “his memory, his identity,…

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