Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Sula ' Essay

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Toni Morrison’s position as an African American women in a society controlled predominantly by white males, gives her a unique perspective in critiquing it. In ‘Sula’ (1973) Morrison uses her unique perspective to develop the idea that sacrifice can led to power through her characterisation of Eva. She then explores the role of the scapegoat through Sula, and sacrifice in the context of identity with Shadrack.
Morrison effectively explores how sacrifice can be used to manipulate people through the character of Eva. Eva is missing one leg and one of the stories behind it is that she “sold it to a hospital for $10,000” (31). This creates the impression Eva is a role model who sacrifices her body parts so that she may obtain income to provide for her large family. However, Morrison makes it clear that this is not the case, describing how Eva deliberately wears dresses at “mid-calf so that her one glamourous leg was always in view as well as the long fall of space below her left thigh” (31). Eva ensures her audience is always able to see both legs, so that they may compare the missing leg with her existing one. The remaining leg is “stockinged and shod at all times” (31) hence Eva ensures this leg is made to seem particularly “magnificent” (31). It is in this way that Eva manipulates her peers so that they may see her as more beautiful and more complete than what she is in reality. The missing leg also ensures Eva is able to control any conversation she is part of as her…

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