Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Sula ' Essay

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In the novel “Sula” by Toni Morrison, allows us to see the life and relationships of two similar yet very contrasted African American women living in Medallion, Ohio in the early twentieth century. Readers saw a glimpse of the obstacles the two main characters Sula and Nel and the women around them went through. Morrison took us through affairs, murders, friendships, and betrayal. Reoccurring themes throughout this novel include loyalty, pride, friendship, and betrayal.
Sula lives with her grandmother Eva, mother Hannah, her uncle Plum, and 3 adopted little boys. Her grandmother also rents her house out to married couples. Sula’s mother and grandmother were known to the town as “loose” women. All of the men flocked to them and they loved it. Sula grew up to be the same way. As stated in the novel “With the exception of BoyBoy, those Peace women loved all men.” (Morrison, page 41). When Sula was younger, her mother would have sex with men in the pantry of the kitchen. Sula grew up to do the same thing. Nel grew up in a totally different environment. Her mother was strict and made sure Nel conformed to social conventions. Nel also grew up in a stable home. Unlike Sula’s mother and grandmother, Nel’s mother was not fast when it men. The only person in Nel’s family who didn’t conform to social conventions was here grandmother Rochelle. Rochelle was a prostitute, and this finding made Nel think about how her mother wanted her to be. Sula and Nel’s friendship began when they were…

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