Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Beloved ' Essay

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Khan 1
Sarah Khan
Professor Briana Brickley
English 320
18 October 2016 In this amazing novel ‘Beloved’, Toni Morrison depicts the physical and psychological effects slavery has had on individuals. Focusing on characters such as Mr. Garner and Schoolteacher and recognizing them as enablers, Morrison is able to illustrate not only how detrimental slavery can be to one individual but also how it can affect different people; differently. Morrison furthers her claims by constantly engaging us readers with the inner emotional states of other characters, specifically Paul D, in order for readers to fully understand the effect slavery can have on an individual. The impact of slavery has left a great impression on these people even long after the civil war and has led to physical damage, families being broken up, characters becoming emotionally unstable and not being able to move on from their horrid past that haunts them. Although Mr. Garner is portrayed as a relatively more respectable and possibly more humane slave owner, the fact remains that he owns slaves and he ultimately is no better than Schoolteacher. Morrison uses Mr. Garner to show that regardless of having a few good qualities and by allowing slaves certain freedoms; the very act of owning another human being still remains detestable. One situation that shows Mr. Garner’s objectionable character is Halle’s purchase of his mother, Baby Suggs. As Halle points out to Sethe, “If he hadn’t of,…

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