Essay about Analysis Of Toni Cade Bambara 's ' The Lesson '

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Setting analysis of “The Lesson” In Toni Cade Bambara’s story “The Lesson”, readers are introduced to several characters. Most of the characters are children. They live a poor lifestyle and live in a run-down neighborhood. One of the main characters is a small girl named Sylvia. The story opens with Sylvia introducing another character, Miss Moore. Miss Moore is an older black woman with a college degree. She moved to the neighborhood to try and better the lives of the children, and help teach them. None of the children like Miss Moore, especially Sylvia. Miss Moore takes the children on trips to different places to help teach them new things. One day she decides to take the children to a toy store. The various settings in the story represent the unfair nature of life, it makes the children ambitious to be affluent, and shows the work involved in achieving this. The unfair nature of life is revealed to the characters by the author’s use of several settings. One setting which reveals this, is the neighborhood in which the children live. After seeing other neighborhoods, and how other people live, the children realize how poor of a life they actually live. The neighborhood that the toy store was in, was more of an upper class neighborhood. Miss Moore takes the children to the toy store in hopes that the children will see how other people live, and that they will want to live a life like that. Once they arrive at the toy store, Miss Moore tells the children to “’…look in…

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