Essay about Analysis Of Tobias Wolff 's ' Say Yes '

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“We don’t want to do something we would regret for the rest of our lives” (Wolff 567). Tobias Wolff talked in the story "Say Yes" about a couple, the husband was unnamed and his wife is Ann as the story shows. The story shows how the husband acted for being racist, and the story showed the points for being racist. The husband in the story appears to have racist feelings and seems to be dishonest with himself. The idea of racism is a theme in the story, for the implication of the husband’s racism is what causes the couple to quarrel. The husband believes that African Americans are inherently foreign to whites, his condescending attitude, and his sense of otherness from himself. The wife dislikes her husband’s beliefs that African Americans are different from whites. In the story, the husband was totally wrong, and he was not respectful for his wife. The first paragraph will talk about how racism comes, and what it affects, and in the second one, it will show how groups agree about racism and one of the good story I find will support it. The third paragraph, explaining racism today and it is really hard to control. Racism today affects more than the innocent, it is ruining relationships. Racism comes from how one is raised and the culture they are born into. When the husband says that he thinks it is a bad idea for African Americans and whites to marry, he did not think about that with love, no one cares about skin color, where you come from, or culture.…

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