To George Sand A Desire Poem Analysis

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“To George Sand: A Desire”

This poem speaks against a society that decided the customary roles for women by dominion men; case in point- line 3 “moaning defiance”. This poem illustrated how women follow their dreams without embarrassment.
It opens with an authoritative tribute to sand and looks into the sexual characteristics with this verse, “Thou large-brained woman and large hearted man”. The next few lines of the poem explored the roles of both sexes by exemplify George Sand 's association to compassion. I think line 2, 3, & 4 had a dissimilarity that was unified to illustrate the emotional side of a woman and the intellect side of the male species. However, there some contradictions because there’s a misconception
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This is classified by placing emphasis on the metaphor of crossing the bar. In my opinion “crossing the bar” death is consider natural; the words “crossing” and “bar” advocates the cross of Jesus. Lastly, if we want to reach the afterlife we have to cross that bar by having an accepting attitude toward death.

Robert Browning

“The Lost Leader” (about Wordsworth)

The poem reflects on Mr. Browning’s dislike toward Mr. Wordsworth’s desertion of the liberal cause. The first stanzas specifying the nature of his disloyalty and the second stanzas specifies a firm resolution to endure despite his desertion. Throughout the poem extreme hyperbolic images were presented like “one more insult to God”/”let him never come back to us!” is the pattern to live and to die.

Matthew Arnold

“Dover Beach”

Dover Beach is essentially a straightforward description about loneliness but when I read it, in some way I felt less alone. Subsequently the poem references sorrow and hopes to make it better. Mr. Arnold reference pain and the disbelief of existing in a world that was full of emptiness. The last four lines of this section used metaphors to indicate the loss of

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