Analysis Of To George Sand: A Desire

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“To George Sand: A Desire”

This poem speaks against a society that decided the customary roles for women by dominion men; case in point- line 3 “moaning defiance”. This poem illustrated how women follow their dreams without embarrassment.
It opens with an authoritative tribute to sand and looks into the sexual characteristics with this verse, “Thou large-brained woman and large hearted man”. The next few lines of the poem explored the roles of both sexes by exemplify George Sand 's association to compassion. I think line 2, 3, & 4 had a dissimilarity that was unified to illustrate the emotional side of a woman and the intellect side of the male species. However, there some contradictions because there’s a misconception
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“To George Sand: Recognition”

This poem suggests women were not always accepted and they were denied womanhood. As a whole the poem deals with the double image put forth about gender equality that deals with the identity of George Sand concerning his/her manipulation.

This is illustrate in the poets ideas and thoughts, the words “break away the gauds” talks about feminine traits that give females a means to emphasize their emotions using the creation of art. Line 7 conveys understanding and unity amongst the poet and George Sand –the word “my sister”. Here she is illustrating that she knows what it like is to be bound by the limitations of her sex.

The poem ends with encouragement, hoping that one day the dream of women will be permitted and they will be able to express what inside their hearts. Despite the fact they continue striving for more recognition and intelligence women were challenge to be proud of their emotion and
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The profound interest is in the sequence of contrasts between Mr. Tennyson internal world and his external world. His inner world seems to be preoccupied with deep pain and loss on the other hand; his outer world seems to signify where/how his life is transpiring. For example, he seems to be incapable of completing his thoughts because the sea is battering with the stones in the first stanza and he appears to be irritated because the sea is creating

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