Analysis Of To End All Wars

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In the movie “To End All Wars” we see a group of soldiers during World War II who get captured by the Japanese and try to survive until the end of the war. This movie gives the viewer a great example of the power of forgiveness, self-sacrifice and God’s peace in the midst of the most terrible of circumstances still remains. Throughout this paper, we will look at cultural texts for the movie “To End All Wars” and see how this movie helps us as viewers change the way we think when watching movies. I will theologically compare how this movie portrays the power of forgiveness.
The World “Behind” the Text: “To End All Wars” is based on a true story based on a group of soldiers that become prisoners of war. These soldiers fight to stay alive and
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This film give us a great example of looking underneath the surface past a person’s evil actions and realizing they are also made in God’s image. We are called to show love to our enemies through prayer and good actions. God calls us to be different from the rest of the world. To be in the image of God is to be separated from the rest of the world. Ernest Gordon shows us a perfect example of this at the end of the movie. When the Japanese prisoners came to the camp he did not see what the others saw. Major Campbell forbid Ernest from helping the enemy because they were the enemy. Ernest did not see them as enemies; rather he saw them as humans being created in God’s image that were in need of …show more content…
I need to notice if my first reaction is to pray and forgive them, or if it is to harvest hatred for the person. By recognizing how I first react to people who wrong me will help show me if I am living a life like Christ, or if I am falling short of the standard that God has set. Another concept that this analysis has caused me to think about in regard to my life is, what I am putting my trust in when I am in situations where I have absolutely no control. To relate this to the movie am I like Lt. Reardon at the beginning of the movie and relying on my own strength to survive, until I get out of a difficult time in my life. Or am I like Captain Ernest Gordon who tries to provide inner strength to himself and his fellow prisoners by building a community that looks out for each other rather than

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