Essay on Analysis Of Titian 's ' The Sacrifice Of Abraham '

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Titian is known through his works with his unique without focus of the outlines and depending more towards highlights of colors. This was the outcome from the influence of living between Mannerism to Baroque. During the beginning of Titian career, he was an apprentice with a few famous artists before him. Some includes Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, eventually partnered with Giorgione for the majority for the first few years. One of Titians surviving fresco, Fondaco dei Tedechi, only work that was recorded to be collaborated with Giorgione. Unfortunately, their partnership cut short when Giorgione died in 1511. The biggest influences in Titian pieces are driven to neither religious nor mythological.
Titian’s best example of his interpretations to mannerism is “The Sacrifice of Abraham”. A ceiling painting commissioned for the Church Santo Spirito. The level from where we are at a worm view showing only the head of the donkey and lamb along with the parts on the ground. Abraham in the center is exaggerated by turning towards the angel. The Dull colors surrounding the figures create a contrast to show great importance of the figures than the background itself. The sky is monochromatic gray in different values to add textures in the clouds. The ground is also in monochromatic brown tones in including the animals. As a result, Titian used saturated colors provided movement of a shift from the dullest to the brightest. All the figures have a source of lighting on the side with…

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