Analysis Of Titian And Velazquez 's Venus With Her Mirror Essay example

1990 Words Oct 19th, 2016 8 Pages
The Renaissance, which began in the 1300’s and lasted up until around the 1600’s, was a movement which sparked an enormous increase in artistic experimentation and emphasis on the human figure. During this time, many paintings contained Christian imagery and connotations, whether outright or implied. Two paintings during this time that illustrate several concepts and depictions are Sacred and Profane Love by Titian (or Tiziano in Italian) and Velazquez’s Venus with Her Mirror. These two paintings include imagery that is both secular and non-secular, but one leans more toward one side of the spectrum than the other. This paper will define some key terms used in the aforementioned paintings, analyze the secular and non-secular imagery of each one, and finally compare the two in terms of naturalism and secularism. Naturalism first started to emerge in the early Renaissance, and the movement brought about a time where artists strove to create art and literature that was more accurate in portraying realistic life. Renaissance artists began to focus on the body and how it worked and moved, illustrated by different poses and angles of the body. One such pose is known as contrapposto. Contrapposto are signified by a stance wherein the hips are tilted at a different angle than the shoulders, while the weight of the body is mainly distributed to one foot. Artists also experimented with concepts such as linear perspective, where figures and objects in paintings are positioned and…

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