Essay about Analysis Of Timothy Findley 's ' The Wars '

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The Wars Essay
November 30th 2016
Justyn Drisdelle
Timothy Findley creates an atmosphere displaying the horrors of WWI and the unpredictable realities. Evidently, the events several character have endured throughout the war has changed them greatly throughout the novel, one of these characters being Robert. Though the effects that the war has on the characters and how the characters react to said changes is truly what makes up each individual character. Many challenges were faced but a select few greatly impacted the characters. In The Wars, Timothy Findley has created a vivid atmosphere in which the characters must surrender to change due to the loss of innocence, the enforcement of gender roles, and the inevitable insanity the characters face.
The loss of innocence is a broadening of awareness of evil for the individual,and appears throughout the book in various forms. Often times its appearance being through sexuality, mainly of Roberts. Sexuality is portrayed in the novel to carry high degree of loss of innocence. The first encounter with Robert’s sexuality is shown with the death of Rowena, conveying the negative view on sex. “Stuart was meant to be watching her and so it was Stuart’s fault but no-it wasn’t Stuart’s fault. Robert was her guardian and he was locked in his bedroom. Making love to his pillows”.(Findley 16). A fairly innocent act such as fantasy or masturbation is shown as the first loss of innocence, and initiated the reaction of this event of Robert 's…

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