Analysis Of Tim O ' Brien 's The Things They Carried Essay

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The purpose behind an author’s piece is what ultimately makes it interesting. Many people enjoy reading for various reasons; some like to read for entertainment and others like to read in order to develop a deeper understanding of a topic he or she wishes to learn more about. This can also be applied in regards to why authors enjoy writing -- he or she will always have a purpose. For instance, in Tim O 'Brien 's The Things They Carried, he tells many stories from when he was in the Vietnam War. He revisits numerous memories to portray the physical and emotional burdens of being in the war. On the other hand, in Jonathan Smith’s A Modest Proposal, he proposes that the Irish start to eat their babies in order to resolve the overpopulation and famine issue in Ireland during the eighteenth century. Ultimately, each author has a different purpose for his or her piece, but he or she accomplishes this through the same rhetorical strategies -- diction, syntax, and tone.
An author’s diction develops his or her purpose through the use of words that correspond with it. Within O’Brien and Smith’s literary works, they both utilize words that reveal the emotions behind each piece. For example, in O’Brien’s novel, he reiterates a story Rat Kiley told him about a girl named Mary Anne Bell, who flew to Vietnam to visit her boyfriend Mark Fossie. As a result, she saw situations that ultimately changed her. O’Brien summarizes Rat Kiley’s story and states, “For Mary Anne Bell, it seemed…

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