Analysis Of Tim O ' Brien 's ' A True War Story ' Essay

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In its defense, the institution of war is supported by the need to protect the freedoms of individuals, and uphold their safety. However, war is not something to be taken lightly; war is not merely just an institution that births valiant heroes and stories of bravery, it can also be oppressive and violent. Contrary to popular belief, war in itself is not a beautiful existence it is gruesome and bloody. When heroic war stories are told, there is little consideration for what actually happens during war. Often times these stories are exaggerated, or details are purposely excluded to paint a more acceptable picture. The truth is a hard pillow to swallow, and it varies from individual to individual. With this in mind, the truth is received through what one feels is believable. In Tim O’Brien’s short story, “How to Tell a True War Story”, he discusses the key components of a true war story. The interesting thing is that even though O’Brien is instructing others on how to tell a true war story, his story isn’t true at all, but he is able to form an emotional connection with the reader which is what makes his story believable. While in David Huddle’s, “Interrogation of Prisoner Bug”, he highlights how an individual’s environment is able to affect them emotionally as well as their perception of truth. Also in "Tim O 'Brien 's "The Things They Carried": Postmodern Fiction for a Postmodern War" by Laurence R Kowalewski he goes into a analysis of Tim O’Brien and the impact war has on…

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