Analysis Of Tim Horton 's Mission Statement Essay

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Description of the Company
Tim Horton’s Mission Statement:
“Our mission, in partnership with every Franchisee and Team Member, is to be the industry leader through commitment to excellence in people, product quality, value, cleanliness, Guest service, and community leadership.” (Tim Horton’s, Para 1, 2014)

Tim Horton’s Mission describes the value of creating a positive relationship with their team, so they can create great value and bring happiness and leadership to the community. with the sales over the previous years (Tim Horton’s, page 4, 2014/2015).
Tim Horton’s sales have fallen by approximately 300 million from 2014-2015 from $6.6 Billion to $6.3 Billion, this does not mean they are failing. Tim Horton’s fall in sales can be blamed on the rise of Starbucks, but both companies offer very different sales and services, which means this takeover will not be sustained. Although Tim Horton’s have suffered a fall in sales, the stock price has risen exponentially. From the start of 2013 to the start of 2015 a Tim Horton’s stock has changed from $49.18 to $85.92 amounting to a 43% increase (Amigobulls, stock-chart, 2015)

Customer Profile
The primary and secondary target audiences of Tim Horton’s are: Our first consumer target market is the fast-paced office worker. This consumer does not have much time to make breakfast and also does not have a large amount of disposable income. The Maple pancakes will appeal to this customer because they are low priced ($2-3) and can be…

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