Analysis Of Tim Burton 's Work Distinctive Style Essay

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In this essay, I will show how Tim Burton has a distinctive style that allows the viewers to recognize one of his films but similar elements found in his films. By examining the similarities between a range of his movies I will be able to decide on what features he uses in each of his films. Elements that these films have in common are the misunderstood and odd main characters, the use of gothic architecture, fantasy environments, the battle between good and bad, stereotypes, use of flashbacks, motifs, unrealistic stories and consistent use of characterizations, production, cast, crew, theme, style and genre makes Tim Burton’s work distinctive. I will be talking about the battle between good and evil, misunderstood characters, stereotypes and some of the more common motifs found in his films.

“Many of Burton’s characters are specific archetypes that Burton has developed and cultivated over the years, and that help to define his personal vision. Two significant recurring archetypes are the flawed father and the misunderstood outcast.”– Jenny He 1 (He, n.d)

Tim Burton’s plots often contain the battle between good and evil. The audience expects for the fight between good and evil to come to an end with a resolution being made. However, Tim Burton’s films the endings aren’t always satisfactory to the audience or predictable like the audience had thought. An example of this being the case, in the movie of Sweeny Todd (2007), the movie ends in a bloody mess, where all the main…

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