Analysis Of Tim Burton 's ' The ' Essay

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Tim Burton’s (1989) is a typical Hollywood superhero blockbuster and it was very successful. Most superhero movies such as and have similarities that main characters have superpowers and live a double life as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Most of them are about the good triumphing over the evil and also follows this formality. The only difference is that Batman made and raised his power by using fabulous power with his own choice and volition. The success of series created other superhero series such as (2000) and (2002), and the public response to these movies were very positive. As an industry, Hollywood constantly expanded and reproduced itself, by using all kinds of technology. Especially, computer graphics and special effects allowed the directors to produce vivid imagery. Despite technological innovation, the process of film production was not changed because of its unchanged fundamental idea. Tim Burton’s is a meaningful work, but its plot is old and characters are relatively simple. Christopher Nolan reinterpreted and made (2005) and (2008). Christopher Nolan filled the insufficient content and theme and opened a new era of blockbuster. Remarkably, ranked at No. 5 in the all-time US box office with $534,858,444 lifetime gross following (2009), (1997), (2015), and (2012) . not only handles philosophical topic that the dilemma between good, evil and moral very deeply, but also presents dramatic interest and developed imagery that does not lose out in…

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