Analysis Of ' Three Faces Of Eve ' Essay

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Three Faces of Eve
The movie that was chosen for analysis was the “Three Faces of Eve”, which is a real life adaptation of a woman in the 1950’s named Eve White. The location for the movie looks to be in a southern area of the United States. In the movie Eve White was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder; which is also known as multiply personality disorder. The psychiatrist whose name is Dr. Luther was primarily involved in the care of Eve White and slowly begins to realize that he has someone under his care with a disorder that he has never personally treated, this leads to frequent consults with a neurologist who has an office next door to his own. Throughout the movie you experience firsthand the journey that patient and psychiatrist take to help Eve White deal with her disorder and learn to function with daily life.
When Eve White presents to Dr. Luther she exhibits signs and symptoms that include frequent headaches as well as missing periods of time; the primary driving force of her husband seeking care for her was due to her excessive shopping habits and the inability to recall how the events happened as well as denying that it was her that did any of the things he said she did. The patient Eve White had not presented with any other past illness or symptoms prior to herself and her husband seeking current treatment for her. Throughout her time with Dr. Luther the patient Eve White presents with problematic scenarios involving her daughter and the…

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