Analysis Of Three Day Road By Joseph Boyden Essay

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Residential school, a gruesome institution that includes rape, torture and abuse. Residential schools have been around since the 19th century. They were created to assimilate aboriginal children into Euro-Canadian culture, and to essentially strip them of their native culture. In both the poem, “Monster” by Dennis Saddleman and the novel, Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, the authors go in depth on the problems with residential schools. Saddleman explains how residential school obliterates native culture, while Boyden explains how the characters horrible experiences, ironically change them for the better. Saddlemans work is full of passion, while Boyden 's novel is more effective with the topic of residential school. Thus Saddleman’s work is heavier with emotion, while Boyden’s novel flashes back to the residential school experience in a more expository manner. Both works approach the topic in an effective way to entertain the reader as well as to inform them on the appalling conditions of residential schools. Although Saddleman explains the horrific experiences of residential schools well, Boyden approaches the topic it in a more atypical manner.
At the outset, residential schools were created to assimilate Native children into Euro-Canadian culture. In both Saddleman’s poem and Boyden’s novel, the transition seems horrendous. The two texts in conjunction reveal the mistreatment of native children in residential schools. In “Monster” the author uses an anaphora to express…

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