Analysis Of Thomas Paine 's The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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It is common for society to think the igniter of American Independence was Thomas Paine, who was the anonymous writer who imposed the colonist dependence on the King. Common Sense enlightened the population, encouraged them towards independence, and altered the opinions of Americans. This influenced Americans to oppose their original views of the King. Political leaders where inspired to take action. Paine’s confidence in equality and liberty persuaded the Declaration of Independence. Continuously quoting the Bible, Paine makes very strong argument he wrote in the language of the people to undoubtedly get his views across. Colonies declaring independence when they are physically larger than Britain, and are being abused as the King 's subjects by Parliament 's legislation that is only for Britain’s benefit is “common sense”. As late as 1776 colonial-Americans, even leaders of revolution wanted rebellion after the Proclamation Act of 1763 created tension among Americans. Americans want atonement for the mismanagement from the British. They wanted change for the laws that they thought were unfair changed put in place by the British. At the end, the goal was to reunite with their mother country and drop their differences. American leaders always remained loyal to Britain. Even with years passing led to the Declaration of Independence. Francis Hopkinson signed the Declaration of Independence and is famous for his views towards the cause of America becoming independent. Paine…

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