Analysis Of Thomas Paine 's ' The American Dream ' Essay

1254 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Thomas Fletcher Robertson Jr.
Mr. Easley
Eng 251-02
22 Nov., 2016
Thomas Paine Demonstrating Some Sense Thomas Paine was the anonymous author of a revolutionary pamphlet called Common Sense. The pamphlet was 27 pages long and has been referred to as one of America’s first best-sellers. Common Sense made a debut in January of 1776 and caused a spark of patriotism throughout the colonies which many historians believe paved the path for the ratification of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson in the following July. However, Paine was an immigrant to the United Sates and his life before here was far from what many would consider “the American Dream”. Shortly after his journey to America, Paine was embodied with the American ideology and the passion that came along with it. Paine’s use of current technology and fiery rhetoric in Common Sense brought a solidified desire of revolution to the doorstep of Americans throughout the Nation. The irony surrounding Thomas Paine’s success and fame of being an American patriot is that he had moved to the colonies less than a year before becoming the prolific author he’s known to be. In A patriot 's history of the United States: from Columbus 's Great Discovery to the war on terror, a book that many universities use for their American History courses, the authors Michael Allen and Larry Schweikart elaborate on Paine’s beginnings. “Thomas Paine had come to America just over a year before he wrote Common Sense, arriving as a…

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