Essay on Analysis Of Thomas Paine And Thomas Jefferson

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In early America, terms such as liberty, freedom, and independence were used frequently to describe the wishes of the people from the oppression of the British government. A group of voices were needed to proclaim the distaste and aggravation of the colonial public towards the British government. However, to speak against the elite powers of Great Britain was a bold task and many felt to be submissive was the safer course of action. Undoubtedly, not every individual felt that submission was the best course for obtaining freedom. The two writers that expressed a tremendous amount of pride and called people of early America to take action were Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. Paine wrote an aggressive article that changed the overall attitude of the previous passive colonist to a reactionary group of free-thinkers. That progressive document was known as “Common Sense.” The document was an intense blueprint of the errors that the British government imposed on their fellow countrymen both emotionally and physically. As for Thomas Jefferson, his writing was the first reactionary document that early Americans sent to Britain that demanded equal rights for all citizens. Jefferson’s iconic document was the Declaration of Independence. Both of these documents were one of the first written steps that started the long journey to freedom for America. Both Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson shaped the overall voice of the liberty movement and shaped the individualization of the…

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