Essay on Analysis Of Thomas Hobbes ' Leviathan

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In this modern era of technology there are many opportunities for prosperity and advancement; however, there are also an equal amounts of opportunity for terrorism as well. In order to prevent this terrorism, the government is taking certain measures in regards to safety; these measures, however, often violate what many deem as their right to privacy. By applying Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan to this problem of privacy, the reader sees that not only would Hobbes agree with the steps the government is taking to ensure safety, but he would encourage they possess more power in order to fully ensure the safety of the American people. Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher who dealt primarily with political philosophy, published the Leviathan in 1651; this text deals primarily with role of a sovereign state. Composed of four books, each one deals with a different aspect of the sovereign state and the role the citizens play. The first book address human nature; however, the human nature addressed is not that which refers to the essence of a human, but rather, it deals with man’s natural state without culture. Natural, in this situation, is in regards to the primitive and vulgar. A primary aspect of Hobbes’ analysis of human nature is that man in his natural state upholds selfish motives for his actions; he only cares about his own survival and pleasure. Hobbes refers to this state of man’s being as “war,” as it implies a continual threat of violence. Book two deals primarily with the…

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