Analysis Of Thomas Hardy 's ' The Walk ' Essay

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Thomas Hardy, evoked by some contemporaries as transparent and dismissed by critics as self-educated, has gradually been positioned at the center of the nineteenth-century British culture in all its complexities. It’s in the moment, when the wife he had ignored for years suddenly passed away, he became a great poet. Hardy had been writing poetry for many years before, however remorse shook him to greater intensity of awareness and the poems he had composed of his grief and regret are his most moving. Hardy later published, Satires of Circumstance (1914) which was composed of eighteen poems. Three of which, “The Walk”, “Your Last Drive”, and “Rain On A Grave”, I will be discussing. In “The Walk”, Hardy illustrates the loss and loneliness he himself has now that his wife has passed away . In “Your Last Drive” however, he expresses that although there may be no hereafter, the dead are still here in our thoughts. In the persona, “Rain On A Grave”, it contemplates Hardy’s behavior toward his wife while she was alive causing her physical and emotional pain and then acknowledges that his love was absent though his ill-treatment of his late wife. Hardy manages to portray these concepts through his complex use of language. Before getting into Hardy’s poetry, it is vital to understand the relationship between Hardy and =his wife Emma, as well as the circumstances of her death. Emma Hardy died suddenly, the doctor stated that the cause of death was impacted gallstones and heart…

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