Analysis Of Thomas Hardy 's ' The Structure Essay

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Structure is Key:
An Analysis of the Structure in Thomas Hardy 's Poem

Structure, which can be defined as “to construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.” You can see structure everywhere, in our homes, work, and especially school. As stated in the definition of structure, it is all constructed with a plan in mind. There is structure at school and the way we are taught. There are specific structures that all schools and instructors must follow. Especially, in the literary sense at school. Most authors incorporate this into their work, as it make it more efficient for achieving their goal. Not only do authors become known for the messages they convey through their work, but also the structure they use in their writings. Structure helps to set up themes, ideas, and messages they present in their work. Thomas Hardy is a good example of an author who uses structure to his advantage. In his poem, “Ah, Are You Diggin on My Grave?” he uses structure through the way he writes his stanzas, the way it is written in consecutive order, and creates a rollercoaster effect for the readers. As from just glancing at this poem, you can see that Thomas Hardy wrote it with structure, seen as the way he wrote his stanzas. The first four stanzas are almost identical in the way they are formed. They all have six lines and have a certain sense of rhythm that comes along with it. The first four stanzas begin with a six word line, followed in a line break that…

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