Analysis Of ' This Much Is Constant ' Essay

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“this much is constant” – motif of fear

Within “this much is constant”, Galloway develops an extensive use of imagery and motif to describe the traumatic and frightening experiences of the daughter’s childhood as she recollects vivid memories of her mother and home. The daughter uses many ominous and violent words to describe an image of how her mother and home make her feel, illustrating a motif of fear. The girl stumbles through the story, recalling it in fragments portraying the way these recollections have haunted her through her childhood and adulthood.

As the girl begins her story of her disturbing childhood, the reader recognizes that her mother has been watching her on multiple occurrences. Wherever the child goes, she carries a constant fear of her mother finding her in the midst of a forbidden activity, as if she is under surveillance. “You can’t keep from looking forever through the s-shaped slits, her eyes.” In this quote, Galloway illustrates the mother’s eyes being behind “s-shaped slits” making the mother sound like a monster. This description is used further along the story to describe the fire vent. Fire vents are in every room of the house thus portraying to the reader that the mother has eyes everywhere and can see what anyone is doing at any time. Therefore, the child has no sense of privacy as her mother is constantly watching her. “Her pupils are black holes. Watching back.” Galloway extends her depiction of the mother’s eyes as she compares them to…

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