Analysis Of Theodore Roosevelt 's ' Big Stick Diplomacy ' Essay

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In the summer of 1897, Theodore Roosevelt set out to establish his thinking on how America should be run, or at the very least the onset of his “Big Stick Diplomacy” taking shape. Within the very speech, tone is set on an expansive military, and the need for such a thing. This ideal, is the precipice in which American foreign policy begins, changes, and ultimately is used from TR’s inauguration, to the current President sitting in the White House. The philosophy established by Roosevelt was three fold. First, was to establish or convert the American military as the world’s policemen; secondly, commit the American military to foreign excursions without permission from Congress; thirdly, negotiate agreements/treaties with foreign powers without Senate approval or ratification. These were visionary points from TR. So visionary in fact, all three are used today, but some were modified to fit the state of affairs globally. On being the world’s policemen; TR wanted America to involve themselves into the affairs of other nations, to turn the nation towards the ideals of what he thought American values were. This was first set out as a protection detail, dealing solely with the Western Hemisphere, wherein TR wanted to protect national interests closer to home, and keep European influences out of the region. The ideals of being the world’s police changed from President to President. Some wanted America to isolationists, and others whole heartily wanted to plunge America into the…

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