Analysis Of Theodore Finch's 'Rat'

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In the next shot, the FBI has arrived at a technician’s home as they have a search warrant. He attempts to destroy all the data; the FBI breaks in and apprehends him. In turns out that the technician has a history of computer fraud which is what the warrant was for; he has been caught two times prior and is being arraigned for a third offense. They also learn that he is a highly skilled hacker who managed to cripple the FBI’s database the year before. The technician known as Theodore Finch, known as “Rat”, warns that he can hack anything from money, secret information, and even mildly “sexual fantasies” with a simple numerical binary code in any place and at any time, he wishes. Zimsky doubts that this interrogation will lead them anywhere …show more content…
We also get a shot of the Moon and the silhouette of an air control controller as the camera focus shifts from the Moon to the silhouette. N extreme close-up shot of the plane is then shown, with some highlights and midtones on the plane’s nose. A moving vehicle then replaces it across the screen, which then changes to an establishing shot of several soldiers loading supplies in an impressive array of transitioning techniques. Keyes is then seen watching over the base in an impressive long, high-angle shot, as the film establishes that even though he has no military experience is only a geoscientist, his role is of utmost importance. Keyes then observes strange arrays of lights with lightning and roars of thunder. They appear to be the very same arrays of lights saw earlier in the film, that Childs observed. It is interesting once more that the film has both Childs and Keyes observing those same assortments of strange lights in the sky. Clearly, the film is attempting draw Childs and Keyes together in the most elusive fashion, as to suggest a potential love affair. The difference with these observances is that unlike Keyes, Childs does not see lightning or hear thunder. The intensity of the scene also indicates that the conditions caused by the abnormalities in the Earth’s core are

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